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What Do We Buy?

This time of year is garage-saling time and lots of people are cleaning out their attics and basements to monetize some of the things they don’t use any more. If you, too, would like to sell some of your used items, but don’t want the work and time involved in holding a garage sale, consider selling them at Pawn America and turn them into cash on the spot!


Now you’re probably all wondering what kind of stuff we take, right? So here it is, in a nutshell: We always take gold, silver, MP3 players, video games, DVD movies, Blu-ray, musical instruments, musical electronics, home theatre equipment, and high-end bikes. If there’s anything else you think we may be interested in, bring it in and we’d be happy to take a look! To give you a few ideas of what other people have sold, visit us on Facebook or find us on Twitter  and check out our photo albums!

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