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Do We Buy Gold and Silver? – You bet!

Lately, we’ve noticed quite an increase in people asking whether we buy gold and silver. The short answer to that question is: yes! As gold and silver prices remain strong, many of our customers are trading in their gold and silver for cash – but what exactly do we buy and what not?


As a general rule: We buy any real gold and silver, but nothing plated. “Silver must be stamped 925 or sterling silver, but we take all kinds of gold,” says Pawnbroker Courtney from our Onalaska, Wisconsin, store. “People are typically selling jewelry, but there are quite a few who sell us coins as well.” We buy gold and silver coins, such as quarters, dimes, and half dollars that are from 1964 or earlier due to their silver content. “The coolest thing we have taken in were 22 24kt gold coins,” Courtney adds. “They were beautiful and I had no idea that people had this type of stuff just lying around the house.” Taking in jewelry, however, is Courtney’s favorite activity. “I have bonded with many of my customers while doing jewelry transactions because it is such a personal item to begin with,” she says.


In addition to resalable jewelry, coins and high-end watches, we also buy broken pieces. “Many people don’t know that we also take broken gold and silver jewelry,” Pawnbroker Jena from Mankato says. Emily, a pawnbroker in Fridley, adds: “A twisted-up herringbone necklace or old wedding ring that is missing the stone? They’re all worth something in meltdown value!” Eric, one of our pawnbrokers in Coon Rapids, agrees. “We recently had a couple in our store, asking if we bought gold and silver. A few days later, they returned with probably 50 different items. We got them around $5,000,” he said. “Turns out they buy and restore classic cars, so they wanted to turn in their broken stuff to get their latest car.”


Just in case you’re wondering about gold teeth… yes, we buy those, too! Pawnbroker Leon from our Fargo, North Dakota, store says: “Once all the cement and tooth fragments are removed, we love getting dental gold because it is generally 18kt and carries a higher value as such.”


Occasionally, we have customers who bring in coins they think are gold, but aren’t. Chris, our store manager in Anoka, said: “I have actually had a number of people bring in “gold” dollars, such as the Sakajewea golden coin and the newer Presidential $1 coins.” These coins are fun to collect, but aren’t gold. The Sacagawea golden coin, for example, is a clad coin with a three-layer composite construction. A pure copper core is sandwiched between outer layers of alloy material and the overall composition is 88.5% copper, 6.0% zinc, 3.5 % manganese, and 2.0% nickel. No gold involved, though.


But if you have real precious metal jewelry – old or new, broken or not – and other gold and pure silver items, you can bring them to any Pawn America and turn them into cash. You don’t have to pack up your gold and send it to a website. We’re open for business seven days a week! We will give you personalized attention and get everything evaluated right away. Best yet: we pay you on the spot. No shipping time – or shipping costs – involved!


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