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2012 Earth Day Nod Goes to Cleaner Emissions, Smaller Carbon Footprints … And Pawn America?!

You betcha! For 20 years, even before the environmental bandwagon and when green was just a color, Pawn America has been the Original Recycler. On Earth Day, April 22, while the globe celebrated efforts to protect and preserve Mother Earth, local consumers are doing their part by embracing secondhand retailing as an increasingly popular way to purchase goods. On the heels of a longer than predicted economic downturn, more consumers are turning their merchandise into cash as a way to recycle commerce back into the economy … while recycling unwanted items that would often end up in local landfills. Need proof? Take a look at the numbers:

  • Pawn America same store sales are up 25%. Consumers are drawn to the value and responsible nature of second hand shopping. It’s catching on!
  • Traffic in Pawn America stores has increased at a rate of 20-30% annually over the last 5 years.
  • Since 2008, Pawn America has added 10 new stores and nearly 200 employees to support its current lineup of 24 stores across the Midwest.
  • Pawn America is spearheading a retail recycling revolution by reselling and repurposing millions of items annually:
    1. 352,787 video games and systems
    2. 12,654 TVs
    3. 9,951 appliances (all types)
    4. 34,056 household (coats, collectables, yard equipment, artwork, and sporting goods)
    5. 1,562,884 DVDS, VHS, and CDS per month, about 1,500,000 per year
    6. 32,935 home audio items
    7. 9,878 computer systems
    8. 16,149 computer products (computers, printers, monitors, accessories)
    9. 47,619 tools
    10. 17,372 musical instruments and electronics
  • Pawn America has also given Minnesotans’ second-hand items a new life in area hospitals, youth centers, and even in Iraq where it was clear soldiers could use a little distraction during their downtime
  • Pawning and the second-hand goods market in Minnesota has undergone a major branding renovation and is becoming a mainstream option in the consumer conscience. It’s considered a viable “green” retail option by many consumers!
  • Pawn America is stacked to the rafters with virtually new tools, jewelry, sporting goods, appliances, lawn tools, artwork, instruments, televisions, computers and the ever-changing list goes on indefinitely.
  • Pawning is a way to give new life to a “used” item and feel good about keeping it out of our landfills.
  • Selection/inventory is ever-changing and unique.
  • Today’s consumer also buys recycled because it costs less.
  • Pre-owned/unwanted items turn into cash on the spot!
  • Retail recycling makes sense.

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